• Digital Skills Instructor 

    The Community Technology Empowerment Project (CTEP) AmeriCorps program is currently seeking applicants to teach digital skills in adult basic education at the Adult Education Center- Columbia Heights/Fridley for the 2021-2022 year. 

    Every day we are enriched by the lives of our students, who are mainly refugees and immigrants from around the world establishing new lives here in Minnesota. Students at our schools for adult learners are some of the most motivated, hard-working, inspiring people we have met and contribute to our work culture of learning and community building.

    If you have basic computer and technology skills, such as how to use email and the Microsoft Office suite, then you have more to teach than you realize. This is because as many of students in adult basic education programs do not feel comfortable using basic computers and smartphone technology. The Community Technology Empowerment Project (CTEP) was founded in order to improve access to digital skills training and technology training in the Twin Cities.

    If you have some teaching or tutoring experience; are interested in community-based education; have a passion for working with diverse communities and cultures; and want to make a difference with your skills then read the full general CTEP AmeriCorps position description, and then explore our position at the Adult Education Center- CHF, Adult Education Center (Columbia Heights/Fridley).

  • Contact 

    Columbia Heights/Fridley Adult Education Center
    4111 Central Ave NE
    South Building
    Suite 100
    Columbia Heights, MN 55421

    Phone: 763-706-3833
    Email: info@metronorthabe.org

    CTEP volunteer assisting student on computer