• Possible work duties as an ABE substitute teacher

    All Metro North ABE programs use materials published for adult learners. Most locations will also have student computers available to provide supplemental instructional practice using software developed for the adult learner. Students may also be learning basic computer skills such as word processing, Internet research, and email.

    ABE substitute teachers can be assigned to teach a variety of classes including:

    • ESL classes – Students in these classes can have a range from low to high levels of English competency skills. Classes include reading, writing, listening and speaking practice. Lessons include learning English for real life situations, developing survival skills, and building work and job skills.
    • Reading classes – Some sites have classes that provide direct instruction to adults learning to read. Classes will have a mix of native and non-native English speakers. All reading instruction is done using instructional materials and techniques that support adult learning.
    • GED, Adult Diploma, and Basic Reading, Writing and Math Brush-Up classes – Students in these classes typically read at a 6th grade level or above, however, math instruction in these classes can include beginning math skills. Classes will have a mix of native and non-native English speakers. Students in these classes use independent study time to work on identified areas of study and if available at their site, participate in small group instruction for math, writing and reading. Students in these classes may have different goals including obtaining a GED, Adult Diploma, or improving their basic skills for college entrance or employment.

    Sub folder and site information

    • All teachers will leave lesson plans or an outline of the day when they have a planned absence. Each teacher should have a back up emergency sub plan for when an unplanned absence occurs. Some programs have site binders with additional information.

    • Some classes have Literacy Assistants assisting the instructor. These Assistants will also help answer questions about students, materials, schedules, etc. and are a great resource. Many classes also have volunteers. They help out doing a variety of things that may include small groups or one-on-one help with the students.  They may also be able to help answer questions and are another great resource.

    Absence Management
    Metro North ABE use the sub finding system called Absence Management. Open positions are posted on the system and include information about location, type of class, staff member, and time. Subs can set up to have Absence Management call and alert when an opening is available or subs can check for open sub jobs on their own. Supervisors are not allowed to give out a sub’s phone number to staff but subs can share their phone number or email address with staff if they want to be contacted for jobs.

    Rate of pay
    The starting rate of pay for ABE substitute teacher is $17.99 per hour. Sub hours are recorded on timesheets and submitted to the Metro North ABE secretary. 

  • Contact

    Molly Liberto
    Metro North ABE supervisor
    Phone: 763-433-4201
    Email: Molly.Liberto@ahschools.us

Student at desk