• About us

    Metro North ABE has a directed account as an active member of the Anoka Hennepin Educational FoundationThe mission of the Anoka-Hennepin Educational Foundation (AHEF) is to secure resources to support and enrich educational opportunities for students in partnership with the district and community. AHEF is a federally and state recognized non-profit organization (501c3).

    All donations to Metro North ABE are collected and reviewed by Metro North ABE staff. After approval, acceptance and processing, donations are submitted to the Anoka Hennepin Education Foundation (AHEF) for holding. AHEF is the fiscal manager of all Metro North ABE 501c3 funds. With this arrangement, AHEF has the capacity to hold our donations, but Metro North ABE is in full control of what donations to accept and how to use all funds. 

    What we do

    The purpose of the Metro North ABE Fund, as a Directed Account within AHEF, is to support meeting students’ academic needs including but not limited to funding student scholarships for the GED or graduation ceremony, student field trips, special classes, projects or site events.

    All donations are used to improve the capacity of Metro North ABE to serve our learners. Through that effort, we do at times use funds to support volunteer program needs if the outcome will directly support a positive impact on our learners. Therefore, all donations received are placed into a single account held by AHEF and used to serve all of Metro North ABE learners. With this model, we are able to offer our entire consortium the opportunity to benefit from donations regardless of the ability of their immediate region to make donations to the program.


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