• Diploma programs

    Metro North Adult Basic Education (ABE) has helped hundreds of adults finish their high school diplomas. Currently, Metro North ABE offers adult diploma programs at two locations:
    If you are thinking about finishing your diploma as an adult, our staff encourage students to consider:
    • How many credits do you have to complete?
    • Do you have time to attend classes regularly?
    • Do you have time to study and complete coursework at home?
    • How soon would you like to complete a diploma program?
    • Would earning a GED diploma be faster?
    Once you enroll, an adult basic education teacher will meet with you to discuss graduation options based on your unique situation. An advisor will work with you during the entire process to support you on your path to graduation and beyond. Adult diploma students enrolled in the Metro North ABE program can expect:
    • High school transcripts will be analyzed to determine what credits are needed.
    • To set short- and long-term goals toward completing your diploma.
    • To attend classes regularly.
    • To create a professional resume, online portfolio, and complete a digital literacy certification.
    • An invitation to participate in an annual graduation commencement ceremony hosted by Metro North ABE.