• New American's Academy

    Meet the community leaders who serve you! In these six sessions, you will meet members from the police force, fire department and emergency medical services. In this class, you will see the equipment they use to keep you safe.


    You will also meet the people you help improve our lives, librarians who share all the things you can find at your local library. The county attorney will explain the legal system and how it can help you. And nutritionists will share how to best use SNAP benefits and cooking safety.

     To qualify you must:

    • Currently enrolled in Metro North classes
    • In level 3 ESL or higher

    Upcoming classes

    Class Schedule

    • online
    • Wednesday
    • 1 PM to 3 PM
    • July 21st to August 25th



    • call Matthew Miller 763-433-4221 or matthew.miller@ahschools.us


    Students in fire fighting uniform 

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