•  Online Learning

    Many Metro North ABE sites offer distance learning to brush up on basic skills on-line at home. You can study at home, any time of the day for free!

    • Do you want to prepare for the GED, brush up on English, Reading, Writing, or Math skills from home?
    • Do you have a computer with Internet?
    • Are you able to spend 6 hours a week studying?

    If you answered YES to all of these questions you maybe eligible to enroll in our on-line program designed for adults to brush up on skills using on-line materials and the support of a trained teacher.

    STEP 1:  Enrollment

    • Please contact Metro North ABE to start.
    • Complete enrollment forms and assessment.
    • We have enrollment times both day and night.
    • If you need to improve your reading or computer skills before enrolling in the on-line prep, free instruction options will be explained to you.

    STEP 2: Study on-line

    • You will have unlimited access to study materials.
    • Your teacher will review the lessons you submit.  
    • Your teacher will give you feedback on your work and offer encouragement and advice on your progress.
    • As long as you meet the requirements for activity on your on-line account, progress and testing, you will have access to your on-line account.

    STEP 3: Progress testing

    • Distance Learners will be required to complete progress testing.
    • Testing will be scheduled based on amount of lessons completed or time spent studying.


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