• Adult Education Center-Columbia Heights/Fridley

    The Adult Education Center-Columbia Heights/Fridley is located on Central Avenue NE, between 41st and 42nd Ave.  If you are interested in becoming an ABE or ESL student, please fill out the class interest form or call 763-706-3833 to begin the enrollment process.
    In-person classes starting later this fall are being planned.  Check back for updates.

    ABE classes

    GED, brush up for reading, writing, math, college/Accuplacer preparation

    • Online classes available in the morning or evening
    • Independent online program with teacher support available

    English as a Second Language (ESL) classes

    Reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills

    • Online class times vary depending on level with morning or evening options available
    • Independent online program with teacher support available


    Outside sign of Adult Education Cetner  

  • Contact

    Columbia Heights/Fridley Adult Education Center
    4111 Central Ave NE
    South Building
    Suite 100
    Columbia Heights, MN 55421

    Phone: 763-706-3833
    Email: info@metronorthabe.org
    Class Interest Form


    February 21
    March 17-28
    March 29 evening only
    May 3
    May 5 evening only
    May 27-30