• Make a donation

    To make a donation to Metro North ABE, please contact our volunteer coordinator. We can assist you with processing your donation and providing you a donation receipt if needed. 

    Gift managment

    All gifts to Metro North ABE are used for the purpose designated by the donor. In the case that volunteers have the intent to direct their funds to a certain cause or resource within the consortium, volunteer services will confirm their donation intent and draft a gift agreement with the donor. For any donations $500 or more, Metro North ABE will draft a gift agreement with the donor.

    Our donation policies are reviewed annually to ensure we are in following best practices. We do not create a mailing list for external use, nor share your contact information with anyone. 

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    Metro North ABE
    Adult basic education

    Email: info@metronorthabe.org
    Phone: 763-433-4200
    Fax: 763-433-4203