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Taking ESL to students' homes


Metro North Adult Basic Education (ABE) has partnered with Mobile Hope to serve Dayton Mobile Home Park families. This initiative is making a tangible difference in the lives of residents, enhancing their language skills and opening doors to greater opportunities.


The ESL classes provided by Metro North ABE teachers and volunteers at the Dayton Mobile Home Park are bridging language barriers and connecting community members. Kathleen Galiger, a Metro North ABE volunteer, has served at Dayton Mobile Hope over the past year, however, she has volunteered at multiple Metro North ABE sites in a variety of roles. 


“It is not as rigid as a school might be. Some students come to every session, others come when they can, but all are welcome. In school, if you stop coming, you have to start all over with registration, new teachers, and new classes. Here you are welcomed back to start up where you left off.”


These classes go beyond language instruction; they create a supportive environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to learn and grow. 


“English is a particularly hard language to learn to pronounce and students know that with greater English skills’ greater opportunities at work and the community will come their way,” Galiger said.“Classes here are not homework sheets, but a conversation about their lives, their lives or my life, their kids or their home countries. Talking about what is important to them. We show them that we are interested in them.” 


By improving English proficiency, residents are better equipped to navigate daily tasks, access job opportunities, and engage more actively in their children’s education.


The convenience of having these classes within the community eliminates transportation barriers and makes learning more accessible. The dedicated instructors and volunteers understand the unique needs of adult learners and employ effective teaching methods that cater to various learning styles. This personalized approach fosters confidence and helps learners progress at their own pace.


Metro North ABE’s ESL classes at Dayton Mobile Home Park exemplify education’s power to transform lives and strengthen communities. By empowering individuals with language skills, this initiative is an investment in the collective future, promoting integration, understanding, and upward mobility for all residents involved. 


“Everybody in the community knows Metro North ABE is there, knows why it’s there, it’s part of the community. Time flies for the students and me,” said Galiger.