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Pathway to a Career Thanks to a Certificate

Sabrie Anderson-Eischens graduated from the Office and Administrative Technology (OATs) program in June and completed her internship over the summer.  The OATs program is a partnership between Metro North Adult Basic Education (ABE) and Anoka County CareerForce Center. The Career Pathway Training program provides industry specific training that can lead to employment in a strong industry with opportunity to advance.


Graduate holding certificate Before I found the Career Pathways and the OATs program, I was switching between being a personal care assistant at a group home and working retail at different chain stores.  I got sick of doing the same thing over and over again,  and I started to feel like I was really expendable.  I wasn’t helping people or living the way I wanted to, but I didn’t want to go to college.  I had been out of school for awhile and wasn’t sure I could get back into it.


I have been couch hopping since I was 17, but I was fortunate to move to Hope Place in January, 2019.   While there, my CareerForce counselor, Jennilee, told me about Career Pathways.  I said I would think about it, but when I saw the OATs program I immediately knew it was something that I wanted to do.


I started in March, and I liked it right away. The class was small, so the teacher could work individually with us. I learned a lot from others in the class. It surprised me how well I was doing; I liked it.


The teacher, Mary Ketz from Metro North Adult Basic Education (ABE), made the class special. She didn’t talk to you like you were dumb. She pushed us to learn something new every day.  The class prepared me to pass the Master’s Certificate in Microsoft Office.  I was always good at technology, but I liked having the piece of paper to prove it.  It shows people that I can do this, and, with my work experience, I know I can do it in real life.  With the certificate, my class experience, and the internship I’m in, I feel like I have a lot to put on my resume.


Part of the program is to be placed in a six week internship. Working with my Anoka County CareerForce Navigator, Melissa Bubbers, I really feel prepared for the work world. Melissa looked for a place where I would succeed and an opportunity for me to gain new skills.  I was really lucky to be placed at Anoka Ramsey Community College (ARCC).  I was nervous at first because a colleague told me that my supervisor was tough,  but then, after working for a while, he complimented my work.  He said I catch on quickly. He even offered to extend my internship for a little longer. It’s nice to feel needed.


I don’t know if it was the OATs program or doing well in my internship, but it opened my eyes to continuing my education.  I know a lot about the school; I know people there and I know my way around. Even though I had my doubts before starting Career Pathways, I decided to enroll in ARCC and will begin studying communications in August.  I have always liked to talk, meet people, and help out.  With the classes offered by Metro North ABE and my future degree, I will have the education I need to succeed. I don’t know where my education and experience will take me, but I’m excited for the opportunities that it will offer. Down the road, I may be the one standing in front giving speeches or in the background helping others, but, either way, I will be living my life in a way that makes a difference.