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Just Move It Wellness Committee

Staying healthy takes commitment and dedication, it’s nice to have someone notice.  In October, Metro North Adult Basic Education (ABE) partnered with the University of Minnesota to form the Blaine Wellness Committee, Just Move It, at Metro North’s Blaine Learning Lab.  The committee created a 15-minute workout that allows participants to alternate between several exercises. This routine, called Circuit Training, is an effective way to increase health in a short time.  The Just Move It Wellness Committee made a minimum purchase of exercise equipment that could be set it up in a classroom space. “The whole idea of circuit training is to work different muscles all at the same time with a minimum amount of rest,” explained Peter McCall, a certified trainer and spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise, “Because you alternate which body part you’re targeting, one muscle group rests while the other is working.”


In appreciation of this work, Anoka County will recognize the Just Move it Wellness Committee for its leadership and contribution towards improving the health of our community as part of the national public health month sponsored by the American Public Health Association (APHA). APHA organizes events around the country to call attention to the causes of poor health and disease risk among individuals and within our communities.  They make efforts to call on our community, were we live, work, worship and play, to identify what affects our health and life expectancy. APHA promotes conversations, planning and decisions that considers the public’s health and leads us to a healthier nation.


Andrew Doherty, the Health and Nutrition SHIP Educator from the University of Minnesota Extensions, nominated the committee to represent Anoka County in APHA’s Public Health Month.  He wanted to acknowledge the staff’s dedication, time and energy to staying healthy. Building on previous wellness initiatives, Metro North ABE staff instituted monthly challenges, open to all Blaine staff, to continue moving to a healthier life.  One Committee member said, “I really appreciate the opportunity to contribute to better health, to have good equipment to use, and to participate while I am at work.” Mr. Doherty’s survey found that 8 out of 10 employees report they are more active because of the equipment available to them at work.


The Just Move it Wellness Committee will be recognized at the regular Anoka County board meeting on Tuesday April 9th.

Fitness instructor with exercise equipment