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Citizenship Classes Starting now!

Student writing on paper and looking at camera. Do you know how long it takes to complete the US naturalization process? After completing the background checks and balances, you must pass the naturalization test. At your naturalization interview, you will be required to answer questions about your application and background. You will also take an English and civics test. Preparing for the test requires strong command of the English language and understanding of US history and customs. 


Metro North ABE is offering two citizenship classes starting this Saturday, July 21 at our Columbia Heights/Fridley site and Tuesday, July 31 at our Brooklyn Center location. The program is free of charge to current Metro North ABE students.


In this class you will get information about becoming a U.S. citizen, learn U.S. History and Government and practice for the citizenship interview.


To qualify you must:

Be in the process of getting your citizenship
Be a legal permanent resident
Provide documentation of your eligibility
Meet minimum reading score (attend a registration and testing session)


Email us, call 763-433-4221 or visit our website for more information.