• Precision Sheet Metal

    Do you want to enter the world of Precision Sheet Metal Manufacturing? Qualifying students for this FREE training program will have an interest in working with their hands, as well as mechanical and mathematical aptitude. Students will complete 40 hours of prep class Shop Math designed with the math skills the students will need to be successful in their technical training. Program includes an additonal nine weeks (112 hours) working on assessments, assignments and tasks in both the classroom and shop/lab. In this class you will learn the following:

    • General shop and machine-specific safety
    • Blueprint Reading
    • Tooling and Press Brake
    • Laser beam alignment, cut conditions/adjustments, lens care, basic commands and edits
    • Turret
    • G and M Codes - what they do and when to use them
    • How to read "flat layout"
    • Part quality-checking and inspection visually and with tools
    • Materials handling and Machine maintenance logs
    • Forming and Bends and use of Hand and Measuring Tools





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