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Anoka Technical College offers a variety of classes in a series of 14 classes online

Anoka Technical College offers free online class series four times a year.  Each series is 14 classes long.  When students sign up for a class series, they will also start some online practice for each of the class series they choose.  Students will need to attend an online orientation in order to be a part of online classes. 


READING (a series of 14 classes)
Each class will include - Reading comprehension strategies and vocabulary development

ENGLISH - (a series of 14 classes)
Each class will include - English skills including sentence structure, grammar, mechanics, and usage


MATH TEST PREP (a series of 14 classes)
Main Topics: 
Arithmetic - Fractions, Decimals, Ratio/Proportion, Percent, Statistics & more
Algebra - Integers, Expressions, Equations, & Inequalities


ARITHMETIC REFRESHER (a series of 14 classes)
Main Topics:  Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide with Whole Numbers; Fractions; Decimals; Percent, Ratio/Proportion;  and Problem Solving 


GED Science & Social Studies (a series of 14 classes)
Each class will include: 
- Social Studies (Government/Civics, U.S. History, Economics, or Geography)
- Science (Life, Physical, or Earth/Space Sciences; Scientific Method & Data)


TEAS SCIENCE (a series of 14 classes)
Main Topics: In-depth coverage of Body Systems, Cells, Genetics, Scientific Method, Atoms, Chemistry, Matter  (*appropriate for learners heading into a medical career)

The next series starts in June 2021 and includes an online orientation.  For more information including class series schedules visit the ATC Class Series page.