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Thanks, Librarians!

EveryoStudents sitting in library chairs reading. ne from our Level 5 class at our Metro North ABE Columbia Heights-Fridley Adult Education Center wants to thank the librarians at both Columbia Heights Library and Northeast Library in Hennepin County for the amazingly generous staff response to our recent visits.


The students learned a lot on recent field trips to your libraries- getting library cards, checking out books for the first time ever, and sitting in comfy chairs with their feet up reading silently in community. They also practiced asking for help, did research, evaluated books for readability, and put things on reserve.


Volunteer and student standing with librarian in library. They were very proud and since then so many more report that they are reading for pleasure outside of class. This is thanks to all of you who answered questions, helped people find books, signed people up for library cards, recovered lost PINs, and helped me choose and reserve hundreds of books for our I Love Reading unit.


Thank you for making our visit to the library so rewarding. This experience has provided us significant opportunity to continue our connection to our community through the library.