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Morning Adventure at the Park

Students gather for photo before park visit.


Wednesday, June 13 Metro North ABE Brooklyn Center sites took a wonderful visit to North Mississippi Regional Park where Three Rivers Park District hosted activities and outdoor adventures.


Last summer, Three Rivers hosted our Blaine site students at Coon Rapids Dam park. Our students enjoyed what Three Rivers had to offer so much that we invited them out again! Three Rivers Park staff, led by their Community Engagement Specialist, Chia Lee, organized the chance for our group to experience animal artifacts, leaf printing and other physical activities.


A special highlight was the slacklining- a tightened, heavy duty strap that you walk across. This is a challenging task that students, family and even our teachers enjoyed giving a try. Chia gave some tips for how to mount the line and steady yourself before taking the first step and we saw many students taking the chance to master the walk.


Students touch and feel animal fur to learn about animals.

Eager to explore, Chia took everyone for a walk through the park. We were able to access a beach alongside the Mississippi River where we could get close to the water and really enjoy the full morning sun over the water. 


Taking time off from class to enjoy the outdoors, learn about our parks, try some new activities and share some quality time with our families and teachers makes for a very special day. We are looking forward to many more wonderful explorations with Three Rivers.