Metro North ABE offers GED study materials online.


  • Do you want to study for the GED at home?
  • Do you have a computer with Internet?
  • Are you able to spend 5 hours a week studying?

If you answered YES to all of these questions you maybe eligible to enroll in our online GED preparation program called GEDi, which is an completely online program designed for adults to prepare for all five tests of the GED using online materials and the support of a trained teacher.

STEP 1:  Enrollment

Please contact Metro North ABE at 763-783-4870 to start the process, which does include a visit to a nearby Metro North ABE location.  We have enrollment times both day and night.

During the enrollment you will be asked to fill out an enrollment form, complete an assessment to determine eligibility and demonstrate you have the computer skills to be successful.  If you need to improve your reading or computer skills before enrolling in the online GED prep, other free instruction options will be explained to you.

STEP 2: Study online

During this time you will have unlimited access to study materials for all five tests.  You will submit your lessons, which your teacher will review.  Your teacher will regularly give you feedback on your work and send you emails.  Your teacher will also offer encouragement and advice as to when you are ready to test.  As long as you are active and making progress you will have access to your GEDi account.

Click here to visit sample online lessons.

STEP 3: Take the GED tests!!  SUCCESS!!

Locally GED tests are offered at GED Testing Centers.  Tests cost about $80 - $100.