GED® Testing Information

(Test series starting January 2014)

 The new GED test series started in January 2014.  Scores and payments from the previous test series will not transfer to the new 2014 GED series.

GED® Test Administration and Delivery

  • To get started you will be required to go online and create an account at the GED Testing Service® web site.  With this online account you will register, pay, schedule tests, and get your test results.


  • Tests are computer based and have to be taken at an approved GED® testing center

o Paper testing available only for approved accommodations

  • The GED has 4 tests or modules that can be taken in any order (click the tab "What are the 4 tests like?" on the left side for information about each test)

Forest Lake is now a testing center!

Call Laurie at 651-982-8334 for more information.


GED® Test Scores

  • A minimum score of 150 is necessary to pass each individual test (200 is the highest score for each test)
  • A total score of 600 or higher is necessary to pass the GED
  • Testers will have 3 opportunities to pass each test within a calendar year
  • Two score levels offered

o GED® Passing Score: at or higher than the minimum needed to demonstrate high school equivalency level skills and abilities

o GED® Passing Score with Honors: at or higher than the minimum needed to demonstrate career and college readiness (CCR)

Requirements for testing in Minnesota

  • Age: 19 years old or older, or if 17 or 18 years old with an age wavier
  • Photo ID: Current, valid, government issued ID, such as a MN driver’s license, MN state ID, passport, or Military ID
  • Payment and cost: Payments will be made online after you register and create an account.  You can pay for each test individually when you schedule your test appointment.  Each module is $30 or a total of $120 for all four modules.  However, individual testing centers fees may vary.

Computer Skills needed

  • Mouse skills: click, drag n drop, scroll
  • Word processing skills: basic keyboarding, cut, copy, paste, undo/redo, insert, enter and hard return, spacing, backspace, highlight
  • Calculator: online calculator for certain questions (TE-30XS)
  • Online tools that will be available to test takers: directional tools, calculator, calculator reference sheet, formulas sheet, math symbols, flagging for further review, item review screen
  • Navigation skills for the computer based test: previous, next, close, and page tabs

7 Types of questions on the modules

  • Multiple choice: choose from one of four answer options
  • Fill-in-the-blank: type a word, number, or short phrase within a statement or in response to a question
  • Drag-and-drop: drag small images, numerical expressions, words, or short phrases to drop targets on the computer screen
  • Hot spot: click on a specific place on an embedded image to select an item based on their characteristics or plot or select points on a graph or map
  • Drop-down: choose from a drop-down menu of 5-8 choices to complete a statement; the selection will then appear as part of the text
  • Short answer: type a few sentences or a short paragraph in response to text and/or a graph, chart, or image
  • Extended response: type a writing sample that will be scored on three aspects: 1) Analysis of arguments and use of evidence, 2) development of ideas and organizational structure, and 3) clarity and command of standard English conventions