Metro North ABE has participated in many grant projects that

have offered resources for curriculum development.

We are happy to share what has been developed by our adult teachers.


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131.50 Kb 07/25/11
docx File Civics_Cross-Content_Skills_11.10.docx
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23.10 Kb 07/25/11
pdf File Civics_Demographics_MetroNorth.pdf
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9.03 Kb 07/25/11
docx File Civics_meeting_5.4.docx
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11.39 Kb 07/25/11
docx File Data.civics_5.11.docx
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10.79 Kb 07/25/11
docx File Drop.NOTICE.docx
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10.32 Kb 07/25/11
doc File ELL-Civics_grant_actionplan.doc
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54.50 Kb 07/25/11
docx File ELL_CIVICS.curriculum.template.docx
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17.79 Kb 07/25/11
doc File EL_Civics_Grant_Application.doc
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453.00 Kb 07/25/11
docx File Employment_Soft_Skills.docx
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11.05 Kb 07/25/11
xlsx File FY11_World_of_Work_Calendar.xlsx
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22.36 Kb 07/25/11
doc File Lesson_Plan_Template.doc
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34.00 Kb 07/25/11
docx File Quarterly.activity_template.docx
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10.18 Kb 07/25/11
doc File SoftSkills.Selfeval_final.doc
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33.50 Kb 07/25/11
docx File Student.portfolio.docx
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12.82 Kb 07/25/11

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